Elon Musk beats Mark Zuckerberg to become the 3rd richest person

Updated: Jan 26

It's been a great year for Elon Musk aka the living Tony Stark. On Sunday, November 15, his space exploration company SpaceX launched the SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft to orbit from historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. As part of the Commercial Crew Program, NASA astronauts Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker, and JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi flew aboard Dragon on its first six-month operational mission to the space station.

On Monday his electric car making company Tesla Inc. was named to be included in the S&P500 Index. Tesla shares surged as much as 15% on Monday and 8.2% on Tuesday trading hours, lifting his fortune by $7.6 billion. The current wealth of Musk counts to $109.7 billion, surpassing the Facebook founder Zuckerberg and making him the 3rd richest person in the world. The billionaire has added $82.2 billion to his wealth this year.

Tesla will be listed in the S&P 500 on 21st December 2020. Tesla would be the biggest new entrant in the S&P 500 group's history. Can Musk become the richest person on earth with all his other projects, comment down what do you think?

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